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Tailored Selections

Knoxville Beverage’s extensive wine and spirits portfolio led to the formation of the experienced and well-informed Tailored Selections team. Tailored Selections is devoted to showcasing a stellar micro-portfolio comprised of fine imported wine, small production and boutique domestic wineries, craft distilleries and an impressive collection of single malt scotch. The team is committed to offering and educating our Independent partners in the Eastern Tennessee market as well as ensuring that these exceptional and distinctive offerings are given the focus and commitment needed for a successful sell-through.


Sourcing the highest quality oak is at the heart of our maturation philosophy 🌳

A marriage of spirit from PX and Oloroso Sherry puncheons, along with Virgin Oak casks and red wine barriques, our 8-year-old truly illustrates the blending prowess of our Master Distiller Billy Walker 🥃

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With our new small batch Tails Of The Unexpected ports, we’ve really tried to push the boundaries. 💪
Made for experimenting, mixing, sharing and above all… enjoying! 🍷 😏

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💥NEW💥 Rhum J.M

AOC Rhum Agricole from estate-grown sugar cane! 🇲🇶 🇲🇶 🇲🇶 

Have you ever been to our magical red-roofed distillery in the middle of the Martinique jungle? The humid climate, high altitude, and volcanic soil make for the perfect environment to grow sugarcane and give Rhum J.M its fruitiness and minerality. Martinique might be small (about 420 square miles or the size of Los Angeles), but the microclimates throughout change drastically offering a variety of different essences to come through in the rum depending where it's made.

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We are beyond excited to grow our @communalbrands portfolio with the help of @communal.brands.brie!!! Please follow her if you want to hear more about this amazing importer which focuses on clean juice & eco friendly packaging! ♻️♻️♻️

👋🏽Hi. I’m Brie. I’m new to an amazing group of humans and wines known as “The Communal Brands Team”. I like to sip, study, and sling wine. See you soon, Southeast. Santé🌟

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The Bitter Truth Liqueurs & Spirits come in a wide range of flavors, no matter if you are looking for a classic type, a new interpretation of the well known, or simply for the hard to find sort of liqueur or spirit that hasn`t been made for many years. It`s right here and waiting for you!

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Tequila Maria Isabel Reposado is aged in ex whiskey barrels for 7-9 months using a blend of mature highland and lowland agave ✔️✔️✔️

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Hart & Son rums are proudly distilled, Bourbon barrel aged and blended at a single estate in the Demerara region of Guyana, to ensure the highest quality, fullest flavoured rums. 🥃

The stills, the location, the craft, skill and passion of the people who work at the distillery contribute distinctively to the single source character and flavour of our rums. 😋

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Patricia Green Cellar’s Pinot Noirs are back in stock!!!

Did you know they produce more individual bottlings of Pinot Noir than any winery in America?!