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Tailored Selections

Knoxville Beverage’s extensive wine and spirits portfolio led to the formation of the experienced and well-informed Tailored Selections team. Tailored Selections is devoted to showcasing a stellar micro-portfolio comprised of fine imported wine, small production and boutique domestic wineries, craft distilleries and an impressive collection of single malt scotch. The team is committed to offering and educating our Independent partners in the Eastern Tennessee market as well as ensuring that these exceptional and distinctive offerings are given the focus and commitment needed for a successful sell-through.

Sparkman Cellars was launched in Woodinville, Washington in 2004.  Currently the winery is still family owned we and operated by the Sparkman family.  Chris Sparkman (pictured) is a Knoxville native! The winery has been named one of Wine Spectator’s Rising Stars, Wine Enthusiast’s Cult Winery and Wine & Spirit’s Top 100 Wineries in the World! 

▪️Pearl Sauvignon Blanc
▪️Yonder Cabernet Franc
▪️Holler Cabernet Sauvignon
▪️Ruby Leigh 

📍Washington 🇺🇸 

Te Mata Estate was founded in 1896 and is the country’s oldest wine estate!  The estate remains family owned and creates high quality wines of a classic style.  Cabernet, Chardonnay & Pinot Noir were planted in 1892 and is one of the country’s oldest continuous vineyard plantings 🍇 

▪️Capecrest Sauvignon Blanc
▪️Gamay Noir
▪️Bullnose Syrah

📍Hawkes Bay 🇳🇿 
🍃 Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand (SWNZ) 
🚢 Importer :: @wilsondaniels

Økar Island Bitter comes from pretty traditional roots.
​Inspired by the wildy popular bitter liqueurs from the north of Italy, Økar Bitter took that blueprint of seasonality, locality and terroir to the nek level. Made exclusively of native Australian fruits and botanicals, Økar Bitter is about as unmistakably Aussie as Vegemite and uses up to 50% less water in its production than using equivalent introduced species. Saving water while watering yourself has never been easier. 
We blend around eight different Aussie fruits and botanicals together for six weeks before filtering and bottling.

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💐Gramona Gessami 💐

Gramona is one of the few remaining family-owned estates in Penedes (and dates back to 1816!) Currently the family is in the process of converting to biodynamics and are reducing their carbon footprint in several ways. 

This aromatic blend’s name “Gessami” translates to Jasmine.

📍Penedes 🇪🇸 
🍇 Muscat, Sauvignon Blanc & Gewurztraminer 
🍃 Certified organic (CCPAE)
🚢 Importer :: @ericsolomonselections
Introducing Glyph 🥃 

The old way doesn’t have to be the best way. 💚🌱🌎 

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🧱 The Walls Vinayards 🧱 

 “The Pacific Northwest is blessed with some of the world’s finest vineyards.  Sourcing from these carefully selected sites, we seek to create world-class wines worthy of your enthusiasm.”

▪️Lip Stinger Grenache Blanc Blend, Yakima Valley
▪️Les Jeunes Vignes Chardonnay, Columbia Valley
▪️Stanley Groovy Portuguese Blend, Red Mountain
▪️Mahana Syrah, Walla Walla Valley, Riverrock Vineyard
▪️Curiositas Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Mountain 

📍Washington 🇺🇸 

Congratulations 🎉 🍾 @charlesheidsieckchampagne 

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After many months of having kept the secret, our House, Champagne Charles Heidsieck, is delighted to announce that it has achieved B Corp certification status with the score of 91.9 points! 
B Corp certification does not just assess a product or service. It assesses the overall positive impact for the company that supports it and engages it in a process of continuous improvement. 
Through this certification, we are strengthening our commitments to both social and environmental issues. This represents a crucial step in the reinvention of our practices towards a positive and purpose-driven business model. 

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